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Advancare is specialized in distributing advanced and organic self-care products for both human and animals. From within the Netherlands, we’re open for durable and progressive partnerships, all over the world.


Improve your vitality with 100% vegan supplements


Increase animal health with natural products 

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Advancare is selling world-wide. We create and use durable, reliable and strong partnerships all over the world with companies and organizations specialized in self-care, animal-care and similar product groups.

We are always open to new contacts and partnerships.

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Unfortunately, we are not allowed to put studies on our site due to government regulations. For studies, you can contact us.

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About Advancare

In 2019, Advancare was founded by Betsie Berfelo. Specialized in advanced products for self-care, which is established in our name itself. With our team of experts in the application of turmeric and curcumin, we create products that bring health benefits for both human and animals.

Advancare is official distributor of CoreCumin® and Camelina Sun’s Whole Omega™


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How it started

As founder of Advancare, Betsie Berfelo has years of experience in the field of healthcare. She worked at multiple companies specialized in complex human wound care. Betsie grew up in a family full of entrepeneurs within the veterinary sector, which made her familiar with the field. With this knowledge and experience, she has built a large network for Advancare in both the veterinary and pet food sector.

When Betsie and Ph.D. Dr. Michal Heger met, they decided to partner up and start Advancare. 

What we stand for

MISSION | Excellent clinical experiences in several countries has encouraged Advancare to further develop CoreCumin® and Camelina Sun’s Whole Omega™ and make it available all over the world. It’s our mission to increase the well-being of both humans and animals with advanced self-care products.

VISION | Worldwide, awareness about the use of products based on natural ingredients with less impact on resources and nature, is growing. Advancare products contribute to achieve this, using natural ingredients and create long-term benefits. 

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